A Decade of Excellence in Tailored Merchant Services

At JELA Payments, we bring more than a decade of expertise in merchant services, and we go beyond being just a service provider – we become an integral part of your team when you choose to partner with us. Our philosophy centers on simplifying payment processes, offering transparent pricing, and employing the latest technology for unrivaled security and compliance.

We’re not just here to provide a solution; we’re here to understand your unique needs and preferences. By taking the time to learn more about your business, we can tailor a solution that is not only the best fit for you but also enhances your overall operations. Let us be the catalyst for your business growth – choose JELA Payments to join your team and pave the way for your success.

The Perfect Blend Of Simplicity And Security

Whether it’s a card-present scenario or a card-not-present transaction, entrust us to deliver robust solutions for secure and compliant payment acceptance. In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, we ensure you have the cutting-edge tools necessary to accept payments seamlessly, whether you’re on-site, enjoying a vacation, or even sound asleep. With our support, your business can effortlessly process payments at any time, ensuring unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Why Choose JELA Payments

We help you boost your profits and earn customer confidence with
simple, secure and customized payment acceptance solutions.

No Contract

We value your business every month by delivering results, without locking you into a contract. Cancel anytime.

Seamless Integration

We make it easy to add payment acceptance into every situation, including card present, mobile, and card-not-present situations.


We assure compliant payment processing, whether it’s Card Present or Card Not Present, reducing chargebacks by ensuring secure transactions.

Increase Profitability

We not only ensure competitive rates but also provide optimization strategies to maximize your savings. Whether it’s interchange plus, flat rate, or surcharge, we can assist in determining the best option for your type of business and customers.

Personal Account Manager

Enjoy a dedicated personal manager seamlessly integrated into your team, available via email, call, or text. Benefit from expertise in PCI Compliance, staying informed about payment regulations, and personalized staff training.